You provide high-quality hotel entertainment systems.
Being clever you offer content service as well.

Your competitive edge offering your customers excellent content too:
  • Selling your technology will be much easier.
  • You increase the value of your entire product range.
  • You help your customer in a very specific aspect, as he cannot provide content.
  • You help your customer save money, as he cannot afford content on his own.
  • You distinguish yourself from others, being 100% competent in hotel entertainment.


Your core competence is technology.
Our core competence is content service.


Your competitive edge joining forces with iptv-agency:
  • You benefit from iptv-agency’s expertise in content services.
  • You participate in iptv-agency’s content network = competitiveness
  • You get advice on license law and business strategies.
  • We put you in touch only with reliable content providers.
  • You save many working hours, as we calculate time differently.
Find out exactly what we can do for you:

α) We put you in contact with licensors + actively attend all negotiations.
β) = α + we provide comprehensive guidance throughout the project implementation.
γ) We assume your entire content management vis à vis your customer.

Most important categories in hotel content:
  • From cinema straight to the hotel Hollywood Blockbuster. Full HD.
  • Music – music – music: Tens of thousands of tracks in all genres. Constantly updated MP3.
  • Highly profitable Adult – Hetero – Bi – Gay. Full HD.


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Do you want to outsource your entire content management?
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