You are a triple-play or cable TV provider. Your video library is among your key offers. You entertain your customers with excellent content. Audio and video on demand at its best!

Your competitive edge offering your customers excellent content too:
  • Selling your product portfolio will be much easier.
  • You create a unique selling proposition which will be impossible to imitate.
  • You illustrate the performance of your technology when applied, notably in VoD.
  • Everybody has TV programmes! Your content will be on everyone’s lips! Your best publicity!
  • If your content is exceptional, customers will stay with you!


Your core competences are your infrastructure and your technology.
Our core competence is our content service.


Your competitive edge joining forces with iptv-agency:
  • You benefit from iptv-agency’s expertise in content services.
  • You get advice on license law and business strategies.
  • We put you in touch only with reliable licensors.
  • You benefit from business relationships with interactive format providers for your region.
  • You save time and money: We are ready with content and look forward to working for you.
Find out exactly what we can do for you

α) We put you in contact with content providers + actively attend negotiations.
β) α + we provide comprehensive guidance throughout the project implementation.
γ) In close co-operation with your team, we develop innovative content and format ideas.

Most important categories in IPTV – video on demand – content:
  • Hollywood & Co Exciting and entertaining for all ages - in various languages.
  • Music – music – music: Tens of thousands of tracks – constantly updated. MP3.
  • Documentaries – educational and touching adventures to marvel and learn.
  • Highly profitable: Adult – Hetero – Bi – Gay. Full HD “Sharp” in all respects.
  • Hobby, branch and niche content Automotive, sports, beer, travelling, education etc.

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